Blankos Summer Color Trends 2021

This summer season’s eye-catching colors in Blankos Block Party are mashup forward and stand out from the sea of colorful madness. If you are looking for great summer colors then check out the colors below.

Monochromatic colors are always in style but adding a splash of color to your mashup will make your Blankos unique. Lighter cool colors are usually made for the summer while mid to dark warm colors are made for the fall and winter.

The mixing and matching process can be a bit tricky in Blankos Block Party. But using specific gumballs and Blankos can help you achieve that summer look. 



The solid gumballs can give you the monochromatic colors and if you are lucky you could use one of these Blankos above to give that gold like accent color. Although, Golden Ticket is in fact impossible to get because there is only one and it’s not for sale. You could get your hands on alternatives like Billy Bones Gold starting price at $245 in the Mythical Market. You could also get Blankenstein #1361 for $175, Freddy Yeti #1510 for $125 and Space Girl #2188 for $150 all on sale in the Mythical Market. So, go ahead and give your Blankos that eye-catching mashup.