Original Blankos…Rare?

As we all know, the mashup system that currently exists in Blankos Block Party is pretty awesome. Being able to customize the color of your Blankos and make it your own is by far super cool. But, have you thought about the long run. Thought about that maybe some day most of the opened Blankos might actually be MashedUP? which could entail the rarity of the original Blankos. Of course, any closed boxed Blanko will be rare and of high value.

Should we not open any of our Blankos? Should we not Mash-them-up? What does this all mean? Honestly, I think that questions like these really depend on the user. There are so many options at play here. Some users might like to keep the Blankos in the box forever, while some users want to experience the customization side. The mint number of the Blankos might also have an influence on the users decision making. What ever is your thought process for your Blankos is up to you to make and no one can take that away from you. All of these options can change the value of the Blankos.

A reverse gumball?

BUT! Could you imagine if Mythical Games switched the whole scene on us and created a gumball that reverted back to the original color of the Blanko? That would be kind of interesting. This would create several more options out in the Blankos community and give the users need I’d say a second chance to have the original Blanko color or switch up the Blankos color to something a bit more specific to their liking. 

Regardless, I think the MashUP system is a great option and super fun. You never know what colors you are going to get. I also believe that having the original Blankos is also great as well. It really just depends on your liking at the end of the day. As of right now this is all speculation, but could you imagine?